The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)


The Curse of Frankenstein

As we begin our 3rd podcast season, it seems only fitting that we should divert our attention to the Frankenstein franchise. After all, it was the monster that created Hammer.
Off the back of the success with Quatermass; Quatermass 2 and X: The Unknown, Hammer were primed to make their next move by adopting one of Universal’s much loved monsters, Frankenstein’s creation.

The Curse of Frankenstein would make screen legends out of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Combined with the directorial duties of Terence Fisher, the writing skills of Jimmy Sangster and with James Carreras at the helm, Hammer Productions would create a recipe that would result in movie history. Finally Gothic horror had a new home on the celluloid screen and it would be in glorious colour. A new wave of horror truly found a new home and would inspire and pave the way for many film directors and artists to come.

Check out the Hammer Horror Podcast teams thoughts and views by clicking the audio below.


Hammer Profile: Peter Cushing
Hammer Profile: Christopher Lee

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