Tales of Frankenstein / Revenge of Frankenstein (1958)


Tales of Frankenstein

Hammer’s first endeavor into the realms of television would lead them to explore the options of expanding the Frankenstein universe. Armed with a series of ideas for potential episodes (most of which would be used one way or another in future films) they teamed up with Columbia Pictures. Creative differences would however play a part in this collaboration and the series would never be picked up. All that remains is the pilot for the show and the team at HHP have reviewed it in keeping with our Frankenstein Edition podcast.

Check out our review here:



The Revenge of Frankenstein

It was inevitable with the success of Curse of Frankenstein that Hammer would revisit the Frankenstein franchise. (In fact they would do so again another 5 times throughout their history) So, a sequel was quickly rustled up with Cushing taking on the role of Frankenstein once more and Terence Fisher was once again called upon to take on directoral duties. But would they be able to pull off the winning formula that was established in its predecessor?

Check out HHP’s thoughts and review of the movie here:



Hammer Profile: Peter Cushing

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