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HOST: Paul Farrell

From as far back as I can remember, I had a passion for drama and the creative arts, concocting all forms, including comical skits, music videos, mockumentaries etc, captured with my trusty camcorder.

These interests developed further through Drama and Theatre, specialising in sound design and video editing. These experiences provided me with the skills to work in post-production and in turn the television/media industry. Always looking at new ways to provide content in an engaging and informative way, I would go on to produce digital media and interactive content for a pay-subscription company.

I am now deepening my love for horror with a nod to the Hammer Horror genre, exploring their place in time and  the impact that they had on my childhood with a collection of podcasts, starting with the Dracula franchise.



CO HOST Brides of Dracula; Dracula Has Risen From The Grave: Myles Davies

Myles Davies is an all round movie nerd, he discovered this passion when as a child he was locked in a room for a week with 700 video nasties, a copy of ‘Watership Down’, 4 packets of monster munch, a 2 litre bottle of dandelion & burdock, and a black and white portable television…such a shame he wasn’t left a vcr too!

Having grown up in the ‘spooky’ west country town of Yeovil, Somerset, UK, he emigrated to Australia where he has dipped his toes in many a film, theatre and tv related water. From film journalist, scriptwriter, tv producer to theatre director he’s tried anything in order to tell a good yarn.

Myles believes that horror films portray the true art of filmmaking…well, horror and the movies of John Candy. And believes wholeheartedly that its not wrong for his two year old son, Ryder, to watch zombie films, its self preservation for the impending Zombie apocalypse.



CO HOST Taste The Blood of Dracula: Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy has dedicated much of her profoundly dorky existence to obsessive film, television and burrito consumption.

A fledgling Hammer-ite, Murphy is a long-term Hitchcock fanatic, crime-novel buff and – somewhat unexpectedly – a not-so-closet Arnold Schwarzenegger fan.

An unabashed history-hysteric and literary-lunatic Murphy grew up on a steady media-diet of 1950’s Hollywood thrillers & musicals and BBC TV serials – ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘I Claudius’ and ‘Agatha Christie’s’ ranking as the all-time favorites.

Anything with a bonnet, ringlets and a derringer fits the bill!

She also has an unhealthy but notable obsession with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall the ‘Man-Crumpet.’

Basically she belongs in a quaint but lust & intrigue ridden village in 1930’s Britain…….Alas Meredith currently works in television after a brief stint as a croquet instructor. Honestly.

Potentially that whole ‘communications BA lark’ could maybe give her a smidgeon of film-critic insight also….with such a background it seems a logical foray into the Horror-canon of Hammer!

She apologizes in advance for her not-so-dulcet-diatribes and propensity to ‘woot’ and not complete sentences.


CO-HOST Dracula & Dracula:Prince of Darkness: Antony Yee

Antony Yee is (like most people) a movie fan and (like a few less people) a big fan of sci-fi and horror.  As with many of his kin he counts Star Wars (original recipe) as his all time favourite film, and Aliens as his 2nd all time favourite.

In fact it was a late night screening of James Cameron’s ‘86 classic in the now defunct “airplane” cinema in Beverley Hills (so named because it seated 200 patrons 8 across and 25 deep) that ignited his passion for all things horror & sci-fi.

He is coming up to 18 years experience as a director/writer/producer/ editor of main stream TV (in both longform, shortform and now midform – which he has been reliably told is a real thing).  His on-air credits including Home & Away, Sydney Weekender & 11AM for Channel 7TRL, Verushka’s Closet & Screen for MTV Australia and Select, Preview and various Ad campaigns for Foxtel Australia.

All of which in no way qualifies him talk about  anything “horror related” in cinema, but a) he’s gonna give it a red hot go anyway, b) he’s a mate of the creator of this podcast, and c) since when did a lack of qualifications stop anyone from yakking on about ANYTHING on the internet?

He shares a unit with 4 canaries & a bunch of fish, he has mastered the art of writing backwards with his opposite hand and has a Bachelors Degree in Communications.  He also thinks he probably should have lead with that….


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  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Monte


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