The Vault

Hammer Films has become synonymous in movie history for its canon of work in the horror genre. Producing classic movies, such as The Curse of Frankenstein, Horror of Dracula and The Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb, to name but a small sample of their strong celluloid library, utilising blood and sex as pride of place on their mantle, they would enjoy this success over decades and are still to this day idolised by many. The Hammer brand has now ventured forward into a modern audience, enjoying further success with Let Me In and The Woman In Black. For Further reading click here.

 In addition to the wealth of information provided by Hammer, I have also entrusted the knowledge gained throughout this podcast from notable historian, Marcus Hearn, who has produced numerous books on this subject. I have stemmed most of my research in particular from two of his books, The Hammer Story and Hammer Glamour.

For further reading from Marcus Hearn check out the available books from here.

Furthermore, I include the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, upon which the movie is based upon. Extensive reading from this book has lead to observations within the podcast. For those who have not read this book, I sincerely suggest that you should give it a try as I firmly believe that it still stands up today and the familiarity of the story itself lends weight to this.

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, perhaps you should check out some of the available movies that Hammer have distributed on their own youtube channel.

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